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Monday, August 07, 2006

lidl cocktail night

the joy of lidl has been on holiday, and were joined by adi and laura for a lidl cocktail extravaganza in wales.

we began with a communal trip to lidl to pick up provisions, spending a massive £34.83 in the process. jo (the domestic one in this ensemble) prepared a huge bowl of salad to set us up for the night. It was composed of: roast chicken portions (£1.99), salad potatoes (85p), rocket salad (99p), fresh spinach (80p), mozzerella (28p), roast peppers in oil (59p), and cherry vine tomatoes (89p). she mixed the oil from the peppers with some balsamic vinegar to make a dressing. adi had brought round some non-lidl wine, which we drank with the salad before starting on the cocktails. as this was not a lidl product, we're just not going to bother commenting on it.

for the cocktails, we had procured one bottle of (dark) 'overseas' rum (£7.99), a bottle of vodka (£6.99), a bottle of white vermouth and a bottle of red vermouth (both £2.49). by way of mixer we had cranberry juice (59p), pineapple juice (69p), 2 cartons of multivitamin nectar (44p each) and some diet lemonade (21p). we also indulged in some fresh lemons (44p) and limes (15p each) and an extra special ingredient - crushed cherry energy tablets, which explains the rather dodgy looking photo. it may also explain the trouble some of us had sleeping.

We mixed everything up in varying quantities in a jug. producing a grand total of 3 jugs of cocktail before we ran out of alcohol (each jug stronger than the last). in the morning we discovered that we had rather a lot of mixer left. as you can imagine the cocktails were very strong and i can't actually remember if they tasted good. we managed to drink our way through the 3 jugs - so they can't have been that awful. my fellow contributors may well be more enlightening as to the flavour of our lidl cocktails.

we also had a variety of lidl snacks to keep us going throughout the night: the salami selection from our first lidl tasting, which all taste exactly the same (99p); a packet of jam rings, which are soon to boast their very own blog entry (58p); 2 packets of cheese and chive snacks (59p each); happy bears sweets (75p); and schogetten chocolate (39p). much to our disappointment, the aberystwyth lidl didn't seem to stock our favourite lidl sweets, the vitamin friends. being (fairly) sensible people we had also purchased some lidl paracetamol (16p), which help ease our hang-overs in the morning (some more than others).


Blogger Paul said...

the lidl cocktail night is an institution after the infamous dogtanian video night of 2005!

what lesley fails to note is that this time around we watched a steve irwin video too!we purchased this in b'wise for a rather inflated price of £1. it was utter pish (as lesley would say). the only good part was the snakes. i gave up on it and read about the Frankfurt School instead in Jonathan Joseph's 'social theory'.

it was a welcome relief in the morning when i didn't have much of a hangover. it must have been all those energy sweets.....

4:02 pm  
Blogger Paul the Great said...

Wasn't Dogtanian Evening 2004? Or even 2003?

I know Knight Rider Evening was 2004, and Dogtanian Evening was before that...

2:36 pm  
Blogger Paul said...

i calculated wrong. i don't think it was pre christmas in masters year, so it would have been 2004. i was thinking i moved to edinburgh in 2005.

2:39 pm  

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